If you guys haven’t noticed the new changes by now, than you may never notice any time soon. There have been some slight changes made around these neck of the woods.

Anyways, if you haven’t noticed, I did close down my blog calliope.us, only because this is my last year of college and with that in mind, I really need to stay on track of my studies and try to pass math once and for all. I only opened this little updates section blog so that I can inform you guys of the new changes of when something like a new revamp happens, a new affiliate for my fanlisting collective or what have you. This is really not so much about me anymore, but more about my sites.

I do apologize for any confusion that may have occurred with my fellow bloggers as to why calliope.us was suddenly shut down. It’s nothing personal, it’s just, again I need to focus on my studies more so than anything at this crucial point in time. Even though I may need to study more and buckle down more on my studies than per say my websites, I will never stop working on my websites, whatsoever.

Anyways, I do have a new affiliate over at my fanlisting collective, I’d like to welcome Vanessa to the family as well as being affiliates with little-fan.

Posted on : Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017 | Filed Under: Fanlistings, General, Jbytes, Little-Fan, Offset